Most disruptive and controversial book in the history of Jewry. Discover all the secrets of Kabbalah!

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Kabbalah 33 - Preview

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About the book

Kabbalah 33

The Secrets of Jewish Kabbalah explained

For centuries Kabbalah was driving force behind Judaism – a common faith of all Jews. It is a semi-science dealing with the influence the Lord has on the universe and vice-versa.

In this book the author has decided to explain most of the secrets behind this mystical knowledge. As well as Judaism, Kabbalah was also passed down from generation to generation but, as the Holocaust happened, it was almost eradicated - the eternal cycle was nearly broken.

To save the knowledge and allow this mystical science to grow, the author has decided to present it to you in a form of book. A book that will be denied and even hunted by many.

Please note that this book is only a preview containing 5 first chapters. The whole version will be published in a couple of months.

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