Here the readers can find all the informations on the Jewish Kabbalah.

Through centuries they has been kept secret but the Lord thinks that the mankind has growed enough to get know it to open new Era of Christianity.

Without hidden truth, mysterious puzzles. Straight to the hearts and minds. Bigest secret of Kabbalah written by the very same finger that has once imprinted the Ten Commandments. The finger and the hand of the Lord - the God of Israel.

The Satan

If the Lord, God of Israel is a living man is the Satan too? Yes, the Satan is just a genetically clone of the Lord. In reality there are dozen of them.

Malta Order

There was never as controversial and as popular Order that the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta in short the Malta Order. The history of this Order have now more that 900 years. They has been estabilished around year 1099 in Jerusalem, Kingdom Jerusalem, by Gerard Thom.

Pilsudski mole

This time we look deeper into another family legend. This time not on Romanov brach but a small detail connecting Marshal of Poland with the Lord. A secret of Pilsudski ear. On the Pilsudski ear, actually...

The Messiah

In the previous Kabbalah lesson you have learned about the magical verse that is protecting the Lord from all the evil. However, what happens if the Lord have a son – the Messiah, as it is nowadays?

Romanov twins

According to the old family legend prince Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł Rybeńko had two sons. When the times of partitioning was nearing affraid of family and his heritage he has hidden both of them in the conspiracy.

The Immortality

Is the God of Israel immortal? There are many factors that makes the Lord immortal. On of them is a not so secret verse of the Holy Bible.

Cold Fusion

Since centuries the Lord was providing the mankind, at the occasion of his Judgment, with the ground-breaking inventions. He was doing this hidden in the shadows of great 'inventors' that in the reality was only his messengers.