Cold Fusion

Since centuries the Lord was providing the mankind, at the occasion of his Judgment, with the ground-breaking inventions. He was doing this hidden in the shadows of great 'inventors' that in the reality was only his messengers.

Many at the West have a hope that this time the Lord or his first-born son – the Messiah – will exchange the secret of the Cold Fusion. A technology that will make that you will no longer need to recharge your mobile phones, tablets or other gadget and foremost, that you will no longer need to refuel your cars.

There are only two problems in that to happen. First is that the Lord is not willing to do such an exchange because of the West that has treated him so badly. From the other hand he has many times extended his hand to the Russia and OPEC cartel but it has been ignored. So he is equally against the exchange and for it.

The second problem is that his Nest – a place where he is making his Judgment and where he hides his secrets – is not accessible right now. It will become open again in the magical year 2033. And because of that the Russia would do everything to have it under their control, so no exchange would happen.

The Russian economy is exclusively based on export of oil and gas and they will be forced to do everything to protect their giant source of income. To protect the status quo.

Will then Western world prepare for a possible invasion on Poland to take over the Lord nest or for another hundred years will allow the Russians to occupy it? It is still an open question.

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