In the previous Kabbalah lesson you have learned about the magical verse that is protecting the Lord from all the evil. However, what happens if the Lord have a son – the Messiah, as it is nowadays?

The Messiah has been probably born in September 2003 and is now 13 years old. The Lord is trying to find him but is not aware about his location and even his name.

There is however some rumor coming from the Radziwill Palace in Warsaw that the Lord first-born son is not of Jewish race but of Aryan one. If it is true, he is not the Messiah but this need to be verified first.

The Lord son will be matured enough to take decisions on the future and have his say in the Judgment of the Lord in the year 2024. It is better for us, if both the Lord and the Messiah will meet until this time, if we want to avoid the Fusion invasion of the Russians.

And that threat is maybe key reason why the Lord has survived so long. If he will be missed from the Cold Fusion equation nothing will stop the Russians from invading his country and thus the world from another war.

Another factor is a Christian faith, while the Christians usually does not believe in the Lord every of them knows how to make a sign of the cross: “In the name of God: Father Son and the Holy Spirit”. This Holy Trinity shall never be broken, especially in the time before the Judgment of the Lord.

What will happen if his first-born son – the Messiah – will sit down on the Lord throne and will see everything that has been done to his Father? What a Judgment he will make afterwards?

And at the end, there is still issue of the race of his first-born son, what we have underlined on beginning of this lesson. Many of the Orthodox Christians does not believe that first-born son is real Messiah. Even the Lord does not know that.