The Satan

If the Lord, God of Israel is a living man is the Satan too? Yes, the Satan is just a genetically clone of the Lord. In reality there are dozen of them.

As the Lord have a miraculous technologies at his disposal, also his foes have some. They has mastered a science of the genetics and are using it from the beginning of this planet. They are using it to create mirror twins of the Lord and his allies. To replace originals with their copies.

This clones – the devils – are psychically similar to the originals, usually differing only in the color of the eyes and shape of the spiral of the ear. However, they has grown in different manner and are twist and evil not only because they have different, dehumanized brains.

The Satan aims at replacing the Lord and taking up his role but there is a true legion of the devils – clones of the world leaders – waiting to replace the originals. Will they success? Certainly, a portion of them will but will they touch the Most High? The Lord doubts...